New version of FAAwait

A new version of FAAwait has been released on the App Store. The major enhancements include:

* Redesigned main screen offers larger text and dark mode options (available in Settings).
* Pull-down-to-refresh is now supported (iOS 10 only).
* Added a new local/GMT/Zulu time zone clock bar (double-tap on "As of" text to change local/GMT usage there).
* Uses secure (HTTPS:) connections to online resources where available.
* Other bug fixes and enhancements.

This version now requires iOS 9 or later.

FAAwait lands on Apple Watch

The new release of FAAwait (version 2.6.1) has a few minor bug fixes and one big new feature: an Apple Watch App!

This is just a first iteration of this feature and hopefully it will improve in the future. We had to wait for the new watchOS 3 to allow the app to perform well enough to release it; the first versions we tried were just too slow. While it still doesn't work quite as cleanly as we would like, it should only improve from here.

We still had to hold back on a feature to allow a delay/airport count on the watch face (similar to the badge on the app itself). While it was technically working, the significant constraints on updates that watchOS demands meant that it could not be updated frequently enough to be consistently useful. Hopefully this will change in the future, and we also may allow it to be activated on an "experimental" basis to get some more real-world feedback. Let us know if this is important to you.

In accordance with the new watchOS design specs, the app does still provide a static watch face complication to allow you to quickly enter the app. This is highly recommended

Our latest app: TopFeeder

Today we are introducing our latest app: TopFeeder.

The details are here, but it is an RSS news feed reader designed to put you in touch with your headlines as quickly as possible. While there are plenty of newsreaders out there (plus Apple's own News app now), they can overwhelm you with a seemingly unlimited flood of stories. By focusing on one feed you can actually have a sense of accomplishment. Although of course you can still have multiple feeds configured to cover more bases (and topics) as desired. Be sure to turn on the shake-it-up option!

As always, let us know what you think and if you have any ideas to make it better.

New website; new Thunder and Lightning

Along with the updated and relaunched web site, today we have also released a new version of our venerable (or just plain old) app Thunder and Lightning.

T&L had been out on the App Store for about eight years, and it has been showing its age for a chunk of that. But it still mostly worked, and it never really did all that much to begin with. But crashes were occurring on some devices in some situations, and it was simply getting too old to run reliably on modern devices. The original plan was to simply pull it from the App Store and let it pass gently into the Great Beyond. That's actually been the plan for a couple of years, but there was never a compelling need to pull it (although it appeared that iOS 10 might finally do it in).

However, when it came time to pull the plug, we had second thoughts. It occurred to us that it was such a simple app to begin with — how hard could it be to update it to current app norms (more or less)? Turns out, not so much. There was still some (rather big) questions as to whether the Powers That Be at Apple would approve it now, since their standards have changed somewhat over the years. But we rolled the dice anyway, and it turned out to be worthwhile. Well, as worthwhile as an app like this can be.

So now we can proudly announce the release of Thunder and Lightning 2.0 out upon the world. Sadly, it is a bit late for the 4th of July, but hopefully this version will hold up well for at least another eight years to come.

Welcome to the new

Yes, it was way overdue, but the new website is finally here.

After several false starts and dead ends (and delays from the fact that the site never really did anything very useful anyway) the new site has been deployed. The old one has been sent to live on only in the internet archive; it's own time capsule of classic depictions of iOS and iPhones is no more.

With the new site comes a new (and similarly sad) category: the graveyard of retired apps. As time moves on, some apps just don't move along with it. Some by choice, some by circumstance. And, yes, right now the "retired" section is more populated than the "live" one. At least for the moment. That should change soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy a new site that finally works okay on the devices it depicts.